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Our Love Affair With Statistics

We all love love to hear interesting facts and statistics.

This is evident in almost every sport on the planet where we are told of how often a sports star does one thing well or how little they are able to do another thing right.

statisticsIn fact, statistics hold so much sway over us in sports that even during live games such as football the commentators will tell us how many passes have been completed in a match while it is still being played.

Although sports statistics can be very entertaining statistics are not just interesting and entertaining in sport they can also play an important role in decision making by a player or coach form a better picture of an expected outcome to take advantage of a situation or take action to prevent a specific outcome.

For instance, in soccer tournaments such as the World Cup a soccer match will often end goal-less and will therefore need to be be decided on penalty kicks.

Before the game goal keepers will usually do a lot of research on the penalty takers in the opposing team in order to determine how likely it is that they will try to kick the soccer ball in a specific direction.

In other words they look at the statistical likelihood of certain outcomes.

By viewing past penalty kicks they can formulate a “picture” of the opposing player’s behaviour to determine how likely they are to hit the ball in a certain way.

Calculating the Odds

Tom Watson Hole In One

The odds of getting a hole in one are 12,000 to 1

This type of statistical analysis has often been the difference between a goal keeper making a save and letting the opponent score a goal.

However, most of the time the statistics we are given are merely interesting but completely pointless in real life.

For example, did you know that the odds of an average golfer hitting a ‘hole in one’ in a given round are 12,000-to-1 and the odds of getting two in the same round are 67,000,000-to-1?

The odds of winning the lottery are roughly 14 million to 1. So what do you think the odds of winning it twice are? Well a Navy war veteran who survived a jet crash and escaped a P.O.W. camp in Korea got really lucky when he won it twice!

What do you think the odds of that happening are?

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