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Is there really a way to learn how to win the lottery guaranteed?

What if I was to tell you that there is a proven and guaranteed way to win on the lotto would you be interested?

Did you know that many past multiple lotto winners have openly admitted to using specific lottery formulas to gain their lotto pay checks?

It is not widely advertised but many in the industry already know that some people who win consistently on the lottery are relying on a good deal more than mere luck to get their gains. Joan Ginther and Larry Blair are probably the most famous multiple lottery winners and for very good reason!

There is No System That Can Guarantee the Jackpot

Although there have been many systems devised to beat the lottery the truth is that most of them are shams, scams and downright useless.

lotto luckFinding a lotto system that actually works takes a bit of research and testing it takes some faith – at least in the beginning.

Now before we venture into the promises of the lottery systems that actually work let me start by getting you clear on one very important point.

This point is often overlooked by people peddling their lottery formulas and lottery software and even more overlooked by eager lotto players who are only interested in a win, so focused on their desires that they put common sense aside before their purchase!

What is this point I want to make?

Well it is a simple truth.

The Truth

No-one can guarantee you will win a lottery jackpot unless you have the financial resources needed to by every possible ticket combination in the draw.

What does this mean?

It means that in a typical lottery draw, like a 6 from 49, like the UK National Lottery for example, you can only guarantee a jackpot prize if you buy all 14 million number combinations – thus ensuring you definitely have the winning line.

To understand how you can guaranteed a lottery win 100% of the time read this.

More Affordable Options

Now although you can guarantee a jackpot win using the above strategy, laying down a 14 million dollar/pound investment is not possible for most us.

Even if it were possible to get your hands on that type of cash you would run the risk of having to share your jackpot prize with one or more other winners who just happened to get lucky on the day of your chosen draw.

This could mean you end up winning less than the cost of your ticket purchases.

Obviously, this strategy is not exactly fool-proof or even advisable.

In fact after it had been successfully pulled off by a few rich syndicates in the past I believe it is not against the rules to play in this way. After all it isn’t really fair on the rest of us!

What you need is a lottery system that works almost as well as the guaranteed formula above does but that does not require a large investment to buy tickets.

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