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The Science of the Wheel

Is it really possible to win the lottery without having to rely on pure luck? Can you really use a fool-proof system to win the lottery guaranteed? Does such a system even exist?

I’m sure that you are just the way I was once and believe that winning the lottery is all about being lucky.


Well I can tell you that while winning the jackpot does require a certain amount of luck it is surprising that people who manipulate the mathematics of choosing lottery numbers seem to be a lot more lucky than everyone else!

Lottery wheeling greatly improves your oddsMost people already know that in a standard lottery such as the UK’s National Lottery your chances of winning the jackpot with a ticket bought in the usual manner are roughly fourteen million to one – not great odds.

In fact if you choose your lottery numbers for a Saturday draw on Monday at random, or by picking birthdays or favourite numbers etc, or in any manner of way that is not based on the laws of probability, you have a better chance of being dead come draw time than winning the jackpot!

It can seem almost impossible to win any type of half-decent prize on the lottery when you have such low odds of 14 million to 1.
However, these low odds only apply to tickets with randomly (non-mathematically) choosing numbers.

You can use a number of different systems to instantly and automatically improve your odds of winning a large prize, and even the jackpot.

Syndicates & Wheeling

Example of a wheel 7For example, a wheeling system that is employed by many lottery syndicate players involves choosing 7 numbers instead of 6 (for a 6 from 49 draw) and then “wheeling” the numbers so every possible combinations is covered.

This system costs £28 in tickets yet gives you a half a million to one chance of winning the jackpot – not bad compared to 14 million to 1.

You will now realise why syndicates win lotteries much more often than individuals.

Wheeling numbers is a great way to guarantee yourself consistent wins on the lottery. However, although this is the most known of all the reliable lotto systems it is far from the best!

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