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1. How to Win the Lottery With Probability
2. Using Probability
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Probability Explained

The lottery is a game of probabilities not a game of luck. If you take the National Lottery in the UK as an example you will see that you have approximately 14 million to 1 chance of picking the 6 winning numbers from a potential 49.

By spending fourteen million UK pounds you can literally guarantee yourself a lottery win because you can purchase all combinations of the 49 numbers in the draw.

However, that is not a very practical solution as it takes a lot of money and a lot of tickets. After all if you had 14 million UK pounds you wouldn’t need to win the lottery.

It’s About Probabilities

That example does show, quite clearly, that the lottery is not just a game of chance but is also a game of probabilities.

When you know how to manipulate the probability of picking winning numbers and buying a winning ticket everything changes!

Using clever mathematical systems it is possible to give yourself an unfair advantage over other lottery players and dramatically increase your odds of winning a large prize.

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