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1. Lotto Tips From a 7-Time Winner
2. Top 10 Lotto Tips 1-5
3. Top 10 Lotto Tips 6-10
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Lottery Tips Continued

Here are 5 more tips that will help you increase your chances of gaining a lottery win.

Lottery Tip 6 – Use a Proven System

There are multiple systems available for winning the lottery. Some work well for reducing the risks on your purchase and can greatly increase your odds of winning a prize.

However, there are also many bogus products that are worse than useless (because you also lose your lotto stake money as well as your system purchase money). So, don’t take chances make sure you use a proven lottery system and test it before you commit any large amounts of money on its recommendations.

You can start using wheeling in your lottery picks now. This is an especially effective strategy when used within a syndicate as you can pick more numbers with larger stake amounts.

Lottery Tip 7 – Avoid Bad Numbers & Pick Hot Numbers

You should avoid picking obvious number combinations that never get drawn. For instance sequential numbers that increment by the same amount…like numbers that go up in 2s (2,4,6,8,10,12) or 4s (4,8,12,16,20,24) for example.

Avoid all even numbers or all odd numbers.

Avoid using all 1 digit numbers or all double digit numbers – get a good mixture.

Make sure you study lottery patterns to avoid cold numbers and pick hot numbers. Did you know that many numbers often turn up in winning lines together and that there are numbers that are seldom or even never drawn together?

Most lottery companies supply all the data you need on their websites and will even give you lists of hot numbers and numbers that are often drawn together.

Lottery Tip 8 – Test High Stake Systems on Paper First

If you decide to play a system that involves placing larger amounts of money than you are comfortable with test the system first.

“Buy” pretend tickets first!

Instead of purchasing the tickets write them down on a piece of paper and put the money into a jar for later purchases. Try the system out this way for at least a month to see if it delivers on its promises.

It the system doesn’t work go ahead a try a different one in the same way. When you find one that works you will have a large stake to buy tickets with from your saved investments.

Don’t worry about feeling bad if the numbers come up and you weren’t in the draw. This just means that the system works. if you did it once you can probably do it again.

Lottery Tip 9 – Keep Your Old Losing Tickets

When you do win a prize the price of your old ticket purchases can be used as a tax deduction from your winnings.

So hold on to all those tickets that don;t win to hand to your accountant should you become a new lottery millionaire.

Lottery Tip 10 – Walk Away with Your Winnings

Do not be tempted to immediately use your winnings to buy more tickets. This is typical behaviour that leads to losing more money than you ever win.

If you are feeling very lucky and just “have” to play more games first deduct your original stake money and 50% of your winnings so that you are a winner even if your new tickets lose.

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