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1. Like Dating Tom Cruise
2. Five Lotto Wins Later
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Impossible Dreams

Most individuals would enjoy a lottery win (or 2) but to them there is as much likelihood of succeeding in the lotto as there is of dating a renowned Hollywood star.

The whole things just seems too impossible.

Tom Cruise

You are as likely to date Tom Cruise as you are likely to win the lottery jackpot

Although every lottery player would love a big win they lack the real belief that winning is possible.

For those few that hold the resolute belief that luck is on their side and therefore their numbers will come in the lottery will be a life-changer.

They mull over all the small and large changes that they will create in their lives with their new found wealth and avalanches of lotto money.

However, most of these people are deluded as they hardly ever move on their desires.

They merely buy lottery tickets using the usual random number selection methods and stay firmly focused on spending their “mental” wealth rather than taking real tangible steps to create real-life wealth.

One mathematics professor from Oklahoma dreamed big but unlike most folks he took action. 5 lotto wins later, and a bullet in the leg (more on that later), he is now preparing to share his hidden system with a small-scale group of folks.

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