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1. 1. Story of 5 Times Winner
2. 2. From Good Luck to Bad
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Five Big Wins Later

To most people winning the lotto just once would be a once-in-a-lifetime event. In fact many lottery winners consider themselves to be amongst the luckiest people who have ever lived across the entire world and even across the centuries. So how lucky would you have to be to win the lottery 5 times?

To find out the answer to that question why not ask Larry Blair.

Larry Blair is one lucky guy. However, his luck is not just limited to the lottery but extends to a near-death experience with a loaded hand gun. Let me explain.

Larry Blair

Larry Blair pictured with one of his winning cheques.

Larry Blair pictured with one of his winning cheques

Larry Blair is a professor from Oklahoma who has won the lottery a staggering 5 times. Now you may think that a guy like this could give you a few tips on how to win the lottery – and you’d be right!

Although Larry himself has won the jackpot he openly admits that he cannot guarantee that he can show you how to win the lottery jackpot but he does offer you a system that will help you win lottery prizes consistently.

Being a mathematics Professor obviously has its advantages. Larry claims to have devised a system that gives him a 48% chance of landing the big one and even greater odds of winning small and medium lotto prizes.

But before I go into all that let me tell you about Larry’s amazing luck.

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