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Playing With The Probabilities

Anyone who realises that the lottery is a game of probabilities and not a game of chance uses a good lottery system – like “wheeling”.


Playing with probabilities

The wheeling of numbers is often employed by lottery syndicates (because you have to buy multiple tickets).

However, wheeling lets you pick more numbers. You then buy tickets that have ever combination of those numbers thus allowing you a better chance of choosing the winning ones (because you get to choose more numbers).

Wheeling just 7 numbers (instead of the standard 6) costs only £28 a draw yet increases the odds of winning the jackpot from 14 million to 1 to 500,000 to 1!

This is the only reason we are told that syndicates have a better chance of winning and the only reason why they win more often than single players!

Wheeling numbers is a great way to guarantee yourself consistent wins on the lottery.

However, although this is the most known of all the reliable lotto systems it is far from the best!

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