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The 4 Time Winner

Seguro Ndabene, from Calgary, is viewed by many to be the luckiest man alive. However, his luck may be about to run out pending a court decision about his latest lottery jackpot win.

Mr. Ndabene is being sued by his brother-in-law who claims that the $17 million ticket was not owned by Ndabene alone but was purchased as part of an ongoing syndicate of players.

Winning Numbers

The winning numbers

Most ordinary lotto players would be distraught by the fact that the prize fund money cannot be released until a court rules on the dispute.

However Seguro can wait on his winnings as he already has over $2 million dollars from his 4 previous jackpot wins.

Investigating The Claims

It is routine for The Western Canada Lottery Corporation to investigate wins over $10,000 so they immediately launched a probe into the latest jackpot win. Mr. Ndabene was of even greater interest due his latest large win and the fact that he has already landed 4 previous jackpots.

That type of extraordinary luck would raise anyone’s eyebrow a little.

However, it is not foul-play that the lottery is investigated but the claims by Antonin Koprnicky, the brother-in-law of the kiosk owner who sold Mr. Ndabene the winning ticket.

Although Lise Blanchette, who sold Ndabene the ticket and who also organises group and syndicate purchases, said she was excited for Ndabene stated in January no group was a part of the purchase and Ndabene has purchased it alone her brother-in-law has till filed a claim.

The case proved to be so complicated and convoluted that the lottery closed its investigation and passed the entire dispute, along with the full prize fund, over to the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench so a judge could decide.

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