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Playing The UK The National Lottery

The National Lottery is the UK based lotto draw that takes place twice weekly. The UK lottery is a 6/49 drawn meaning that you must correctly identify the 6 winning numbers drawn from a pool of 49. Therefore the advice in this piece applies equally well to all lotto draws that use the 6/49 system.

Playing a 6 from 49 draw like the British lottery doesn’t give you much chance of winning when you purchase your ticket using normal lottery strategies (random picks, choosing significant dates et.).

In fact you have very little chance of winning a good prize because the odds are very heavily stacked against you.

A 6 from 49 lotto playTo win the top jackpot prize in a 6/49 lotto draw you need to be very lucky indeed because you only have a 14,000,000 to 1 chance of picking the right numbers!

The UK Lottery has remained the same since it first began in 1994 on November the 19th.

Using Statistics

In the last 16 years a lot of data has been collected and number patterns have quite clearly emerged.

The first thing you can do to improve your chances of winning is to identify those numbers that occur in the draws more often than others.

You should also stay away from number combinations that are never drawn.

Number combinations that go up in twos for example would be highly unlikely to be draw. If you picked one, two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty-two do you think you would have a good chance of winning?

You should also avoid picking all odd or all even numbers as they are drawn only about 3% of the time. Also avoid picking numbers that show clear patterns that common sense will tell you are unlikely to occur such as numbers that jump in sequence.

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Look For Patterns

So, by studying the lottery patterns of previous draws you can pick numbers that are statistically more likely to be drawn. This is only the beginning however as there are other steps that can increase your odds even more.

Do not clump all your numbers together. When you have a list of frequently drawn numbers try to choose them from a wide range. 6 high numbers or 6 low numbers or even 6 numbers in the mid range are number are combinations that rarely get drawn. Spread the numbers out.

Logo of the National Lottery in the United Kingdom It is often advertised by the National Lottery that syndications win more often.

Although this is true it is not for the reasons mist people think.

Buying more tickets does not increase your chances of winning the lottery contrary to popular opinion.

The odds are so heavily stacked against you that buying a handful more tickets makes only an infinitely tiny fraction of a difference – not enough to count.

However, when a syndicate uses a wheeling system to pick numbers and play they can reduce their odds from 1 in 13,983,816 to just 1 in 499,422 – with only two extra numbers and a weekly cost of £28. If you play in syndication wheel your numbers!

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