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1. Its Starts by Believing
2. Goal Setting
3. Making it Happen
4. Top 3 Lottery Systems

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Goal Setting

OK, how can goal-setting be applied the lottery?

What has all this motivational mumbo-jumbo got to do with a jackpot lottery win?

goalsWell if winning the lottery is something that you really want to do then you must set this as your goal and follow all the same procedures that you would for any other goal.

Start by making a concrete decision that winning the lottery is your goal. You must set the intention that you will win the lottery.

Now I am not talking about metaphysical teachings as outlined in the hit movie “The Secret”, which involves the law of attraction or visualization, nor am I talking about the power of positive thinking. Setting an intention will set you up for success in very practical ways as I will explain.

Intention is the Key

An intention is like a promise to yourself that you will never stop until you successfully reach your goal. It gives you motivation and staying power.

Making a strong unbending and unyielding intention puts your mind in a very strong position that will affect your actions. Your actions are what give you results.

However, the mind is fickle and easily influenced. You need to understand how to “Think” about what you want before you can ever know how to “Act” to get what you want. For example, do you know that when you ask yourself (your mind) a question you always get an answer even when you don’t know the correct answer?

Ask the Right Questions

Ask yourself why you are always broke and your mind will give you a list of reasons. Most of them will be incorrect.

Ask yourself “how can I get rich?” and your mind will start to search for the answers. Most of the ones you get will be based on what experience you have about making money. Most of those answers will also be incorrect or at least lacking in vital information.

mindYour mind can only give answers based on your life experience.

Ask a billionaire business tycoon, “How can I make 1 million dollars within a week?”, and he will probably give you several answers based on sound business tactics. Ask a person claiming welfare the same question and they will say either “you will need to win the lottery” or “you will need to rob a bank”.

Generally speaking a successful person will deal with challenging aspects of their lives completely differently to someone who is unsuccessful and this difference usually starts in the mind.

When successful people ask themselves questions about a problem or challenge those questions usually involve looking for solutions. For instance, “how can I solve this challenge?”, or “what can I do to quickly resolve this issue?”.

When an unsuccessful person has the same problem or challenge they usually ask “how did this happen to me?”, or “why did this happen to me?”.

Knowing that the mind always tries to find answers to questions can you tell which person will correct their problem first?

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Step 1 – Its Starts by Believing

Step 2 – Goal Setting

Step 3 – Making it Happen