According to Fortune Magazine a Gold’s Gym Franchise Manager used a unique never-before-tried lotto system and then did something not many other lottery winners do on the heels of one big win.

41 year old Idaho man Brad Duke won $220 million on a Powerball draw back in 2005. After taxes cleared a lump sum of $85 million and his first thought was not to start spending but to start investing.

Within the first week of his amazing win Bard had amassed a team of financial specialists to advise him on investments. His goal – to turn $85 into $1 billion!

Spending His Winnings

After reviewing the advice from his financial team and after some careful consideration Brad decided to spend his money in the following ways:

  • $45 million was used for safe, low-risk investments that gave a low but steady return without any risk to the initial investment amount.
  • $35 million was spent on aggressive investments such as oil, gas and real estate in an attempt to build up his portfolio quickly and to enlarge his fortune at a greater rate than normal.
  • $1.3 million was placed in a family foundation.
  • $63,000 was splashed out on a luxury trip to Tahiti for him and 17 of his friends.
  • $125,000 was invested in his 1,400-square-foot house.
  • $18,000 was used to pay-off his long standing student-loan.
  • $65,000 was spent on Brad’s passion – bicycles.
  • $14,500 was spent on a modest used Volkswagen Jetta.
  • A $12,000 annual gift to each member of his family was set aside.

Brad’s Lotto System

Brad says that before his lottery win there was no system available on the internet so he had to create his own.

Although these days the internet is awash with lotto systems and lottery products designed to help you win back in 2005 Brad could find none. So, he set down and made some valuable calculations of his own.

Brad’s number crunching system began with trial and error. He started by looking for lottery patterns and then had the idea of matching the most commonly occurring numbers in the draw. He studied the Powerball winning numbers over the previous six months and established a set of 15 numbers that were most commonly drawn.

He decided to play those 15 numbers. So he started using those numbers in different sequences and combinations until his games were getting more complex as he had no idea about wheeling. During this time of system development he began winning smaller amounts like $150 and $500 at a time.

The Big One

Eventually Brad’s persistence paid off. And it paid off big!

Using his new lotto system Brad landed a $220 million Powerball jackpot and after taxes he cleared a lump sum of $85 million.

Brad believes there is a lot of positive things to be said for lottery systems even if you do have to create one yourself!

Source: CNN