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Breaking Free

In 2011 Jennifer Hauser entered a November draw in her local Georgia lottery and won a nice debt busting sum of $100,000.

Hauser’s good fortune couldn’t have come at a better time for her.

Jennifer Hauser

Hauser vows to spend her fortune wisely

With her debts becoming almost unmanageable the money was a God-send.

As well as paying off a large portion of her debt Jennifer was also able to treat herself to a new car and a few smaller luxuries.

Although $100,000 is a large amount of money it is certainly not enough to quit work and lay on the beach all day.

Her good fortune was merely enough to keep the wolves at bay and give her some much needed, and deserved, financial peace of mind.

But, luckily for Hauser, her good fortune had only just begun!

Let the Good Times Roll

Hauser had barely had time to cash her $100,000 cheque and spend her winnings before another stroke of good fortune hit.

Just three months after her initial win, very close to Valentine’s Day, Jennifer and her husband were getting set to celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary when, on a whim, her husband suggested they buy lottery ticket.

As Valentine’s Day was approaching Hauser’s husband, in a genuine and touching act of romance, suggested that they might just be as lucky in the lotto as they had been in finding love.

They therefore bought a ticket more out of a symbolic gesture in celebration for their relationship than in any real hope of winning a prize.

Hauser’s husband couldn’t have made a better suggestion at a better time.

It paid off!.

This time the win was to the tune of $1 million!

Spending It Wisely

Though Hauser and husband have plans to use their new winnings wisely she says that she will keep her job at CNN.

This is just another multiple lottery winner to add to the growing list.

Who will be next?

It could be you!

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