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Winning StrategiesEveryone who enjoys a flutter on the lotto would like to learn ways of increasing their chances of winning that are not going to cost them any more money. A syndicate is the most cost effective way to increase your odds of winning on the lottery. You can join an online syndication such as […]

The Science of the WheelIs it really possible to win the lottery without having to rely on pure luck? Can you really use a fool-proof system to win the lottery guaranteed? Does such a system even exist? I’m sure that you are just the way I was once and believe that winning the lottery is […]

….continued from page 1 Failing To Plan is Planning To FailAlthough the next statement may seem counter-intuitive it is nevertheless alarmingly true. You see, lottery syndicates who fail to use the true power of their syndicate to “wheel” their numbers and who merely purchase tickets in the normal way have no better a chance of […]

Syndicates Win More OftenMillions of people enjoy playing the lottery. Most play either every week or twice a week. However, if you have been playing the normal way then you will, no doubt, still be waiting on that elusive big win and maybe even still be waiting on a small win having won nothing at […]

….continued from page 1 Winning With WheelingIn this post I aim to answer a few of the most common questions that come up from people who first hear that it is possible to improve your odds of winning on the lottery. Two questions seem to recur over and over again that revolve around, what is […]