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Here are three amazing lottery stories that should inspire all lotto players to keep playing. The Man Who Dreamed He WouldMost of us have had vivid dreams. Dreams that are almost lucid in nature and that are vibrant and colourful are often difficult to distinguish from reality in those twilight moments just after awakening. Throughout […]

According to Fortune Magazine a Gold’s Gym Franchise Manager used a unique never-before-tried lotto system and then did something not many other lottery winners do on the heels of one big win. 41 year old Idaho man Brad Duke won $220 million on a Powerball draw back in 2005. After taxes cleared a lump sum […]

….continued from page 1 The 23 Million Dollar ManMaking his way to the claim office in Atlanta, Stephen Cooke learned that there had been 3 winners that week that had to share the $70,000,000 jackpot prize. This 3 way split was thus set to net him a huge $23.3 million prize. Lottery InquisitionHowever, the lottery […]

Meet Mr. CookeStephen Cooke has never been especially lucky throughout his life. Well, at least he had never been extremely lucky until 2003. Back in 2003 Stephen Cooke was feeling particularly lucky so he decided to play that week’s Mega Millions draw. The jackpot that week was sitting at a staggeringly mouth-watering $70 million. I […]

….continued from page 1 Don’t Play Like RaySome time ago a famous New York paper reported on a hard working building superintendent who spends most of his hard earned money on lottery tickets. Ray Otero foolishly believes that by ploughing his money into lottery tickets he is increasing his chances of winning a jackpot prize […]