Here are three amazing lottery stories that should inspire all lotto players to keep playing.

The Man Who Dreamed He Would

Most of us have had vivid dreams. Dreams that are almost lucid in nature and that are vibrant and colourful are often difficult to distinguish from reality in those twilight moments just after awakening.

William Harvey won 700 timesThroughout history many great disasters have been foretold and some avoided thanks to prophetic dreams. The vast majority of people believe that we human beings have a psychic dimension that is unknown, mostly unused and gives us a connection to insights beyond our physical senses.

So it is no wonder many people act on dreams that deliver lottery numbers and the promise of riches and a life of leisure.

Take William Harvey as a prime example.

This mild mannered man awoke one morning from a particularly vivid dream in which his dead mother visited him. So intense was his nightly experience that he decided it was a sign to play his mother’s birthday date as his lottery numbers.

So that is exactly what he did!

700 Entries into the NY Lottery

With his mother having been born on the 29th of December William decided to play the pick 4 lotto game using 29/12 as his numbers.

So convinced was Mr. Harvey that these numbers would come up he didn’t buy one, two or even three tickets. He purchased 700 tickets in total, all using the same numbers.

In this particular game the top prize at the time for a match 4 game was $5,000.

Unbelievably Williams numbers were drawn on that game netting him 700 wins making him an instant multi-millionaire. 700 tickets x $5,000 per ticket = $3,500,000

He Ain’t The Only Dreamer

Eugeniusz Borek is a proud Polish immigrant living in Canada.

Eugeniusz Borekand & friendsBeing Polish he believes strongly in the prophetic ability of dreams. Poland, like all countries, also has it’s symbolism and tradition.

So, when Borek dreamt that he was with two of his friends pushing a wheelbarrow full of money, a symbolism that is said to represent future riches, he knew he had to contact them immediately.

When the three friends got together to discuss the dream they decided they needed to play the lottery as this was the most likely source that their new wealth could come from.

Just 2 days later Eugeniusz and his friends netted themselves a $50 million Lotto Max prize. I don’t know if they put the money in a wheelbarrow but they certainly wheeled away a fortune. :)

The Good Samaritan

Back in 1986 Jean-Guy Lavigueuer thought he was the unluckiest man in the world.

Jean-Guy_Lavigueuer was lucky twiceAfter discovering he had won $7.6 million in the lottery when his numbers came up he was disheartened to realise he had lost his wallet that had his ticket in it.

It was Lavigueuer’s good fortune though that a complete stranger found his wallet and his winning lottery ticket. As soon as the guy realised it was the winning ticket worth millions he immediately notified Lavigueuer and returned it.

In my opinion that is being lucky twice. How many people do you think would have returned that ticket?