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Tips 6 – 10

Here are tips 6 to 10 for increasing your odds of winning on the lotto.

Tip 6.50.5% of all lottery results have no consecutive numbers in them. Not playing your numbers in a run like that can increase the likelihood of you choosing your numbers correctly.

lottery cheque

David Endres with his lotto cheque

Tip 7.

33% of winning lines have three high lottery numbers and three low lottery numbers.

Tip 8.

Do not use numbers from the previous week. Over 43% of lottery winning lines have no numbers from the previous week.

Tip 9.

Try not to pick all single character numbers in a lottery line.

There is a very low chance of all low numbers being drawn because form 49 numbers only 9 are single digit.

You are making things difficult for yourself if you do this because out of the 49 number 40 of them are double digit.

There is even more in the New York Lottery yet people still pick all low digit lines!

Tip 10.

Join a syndicate. Try to find one that uses the above rules and/or other systems to win.
It is possible to use mathematics and science to beta the lottery!

Would you like a system that uses both? Then check out the lottery software that comes with your money back plus 100 bucks if you don’t win in 60 days or less.

For a limited period a 5-times-lottery-winning Math Professor is making his system available. You can read about it and get a link to his site at how to win the lottery.

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