How To Win The Lotto?

I have to disappoint you, winning the Lotto is very unlikely! If you want to make money, try something new – this will increase your chances DRASTICALLY!

How To Win The LottoThere is really no lottery system that can help you gain the best odds of winning. There is no way to be sure 100% that you will win the lottery and there is no simple system that can maximize your chances. There are no guarantees, but having an advantage over all other players is a  plus.

Because many people asked for it, I will write a few tips on how to slightly increase the chances, but these are mostly common sense and will pretty sure not let you win the lottery! If you want to know where the big money is watch this video.

First, it is a very good idea, especially if you do not have that much money to spend, to play as a team or a pool. There are always better odds the more tickets you buy, so joining a pool of players to buy a bunch of tickets instead of just one increases odds tremendously. If the odds of winning are 1-in-20-million, then with a pool buying 10 tickets the odds improve to 1-in-2-million. that is a whole lot better after only buying 10 tickets.

Try not to pick too many numbers that are 31 or under. As you may or may not know, most people pick their birthdays when choosing numbers, and if you do happen to win you would have to split your winnings between a number of people. It is always better to try to be the sole winner to maximize your winnings.

If you have a lottery budget each week, such as $20, keep the small winnings and add them to your next weeks budget. This way each week you can end up increasing your odds of winning, and thus possibly hitting a big jackpot over time. This part of the lottery system is very important, and can be the catalyst that can bring you over the top. do not be tempted to spend your earnings on something else. Watch this related videos.

Mid-week lottery draws are much better than weekend draws. The reason for this is that the winnings are usually the same, but only a fraction of the people play the mid-week lotteries. This increases your odds tremendously. The last part of the lottery system is the easiest to implement. Always look for the games with the best odds. Even if the winnings are not as big, do not be fooled. Better odds mean your returns will be better. It is all about the odds.

With this lottery system you give yourself a much better chance of winning than the rest of the general public. Sticking to this plan should eventually bring you at least some modest winnings, and hopefully bring you that big jackpot you have always worked toward.

Winning Lottery

Winning Lottery? Most of us spend our lives working a boring job, with almost no chance of getting ahead. Often we struggle to even pay our bills, let alone save enough money to retire comfortably.

There is one way to break the cycle and that is to take a chance. It is possible to change your life with one winning lottery ticket. Winning the lottery is difficult, but not impossible; a life of luxury can be had.

Most people think getting that winning lottery ticket is completely luck. There is luck involved, but there are also things you can do to make your odds a whole lot better.

  1. First, play the games with the lowest number of balls if you want to win more often. The 5 ball games are the best, while the 6 ball games are a distant second. Do not play the 7 ball games if you want to win. Odds of having a winning lottery are much greater with the lower ball games.
  2. Lottery games with lower amounts of numbers are always better. Some have 60 numbers, and some might have 35. The games with 35 have much better odds.
  3. Do not ever play games where the winning numbers are generated by a computer. There is no way to tell if everything is on the up and up. Preferably the numbers should be chosen from ping pong balls in a barrel.
  4. Never let the store where you buy your tickets pick your numbers for you. Relying on a system where you pick certain numbers is a better way to beat the odds and to end up with a winning lottery ticket.

How To Win The LotteryOne of the best and easiest ways to improve your odds is by concentrating on one game at a time, and buying as many tickets as possible. The more tickets you have, the better your odds are. Think about it this way: if you have one ticket and buy a second, you have just doubled your chances!

These are just basic things you can do to improve your odds. There are tons more you can add later if you get serious about winning lottery. There are no systems out there that have proven to drastically improve your chances of winning. Those people who have won more than once? It’s usually luck that allows them to do this.

How To Win The Lottery

Who doesn’t want to be able to win lottery games? Just having the luck to successfully pick the winning numbers once could change your life forever. But is being able to win lottery games just about luck? Or are there things that people can do to increase their odds of winning?

To win lottery games, you need to first understand that they are games of probability. Now, the probability of getting all numbers correct in a single drawing is very small. That’s a fact. For most lotteries, the chances of winning are one in at least a hundred million. Although this is incredibly minute, the reality is that someone is going to win and if you knew a few tips that could potentially double or triple your odds to win lottery games,  you might want to know them.

Tips To Win Lottery Games

Pick hot numbers

Most state-run lotteries have websites where you can look up previous drawings. Some of these go back a few years. The longer, the better. If you want to win lottery games, one thing you can do is see which numbers seem to get drawn more than others. Statistically speaking, all the numbers should be drawn the same amount over time. But if you look at what actually happens, you’ll see that some numbers tend to get drawn a lot. Stick to picking “hot numbers” to raise the odds that you will win lottery games.

Avoid cold numbers

Just as some numbers get drawn a lot more than they should, other number rarely if ever get drawn. These numbers should never be picked if you plan to win lottery games. There’s always the chance that one may be drawn. But you are better off selecting a number that has been drawn 20 times over the past year as opposed to one that has been drawn just once.

Never pick all-odd or all-even numbers

When picking numbers, we sometimes just pick whatever comes to mind. If you look back at numbers that were drawn, you’d be hard-pressed to find a time when all-odd numbers or all-even numbers have come up. To win lottery games, you’ll need to make sure that you don’t do this.

Pick pairs

For those that study ways on how to win lottery games, an interesting trend is discovered. Again, based on mathematics and probability, every number should be drawn the same number of times. However, along with some numbers being drawn more than others, there’s also the mysterious event of some numbers being drawn together with certain others. So almost every time a 3 gets drawn, so does a 9. It’s unexplainable, but it happens. To increase the chance to win lottery games, you’ll need to study past drawings and try to identify any “winning pairs” that you see.


It’s amazing to think about how many people win lottery games by getting the numbers in a dream. This has nothing to do with mathematics. There areHow To Win Lotto stories of people going to bed and then asking God, or angels, or spirits, to give them the numbers to win lottery games. And guess what? This is usually just bullshit. Of course it doesn’t hurt to ask for the numbers the next time you go to sleep, but don`t expect the dream to come true. Just be sure to have a pen and paper handy to write down the numbers when you wake up.

When it comes to the ability to win lottery games, there are no guarantees. The odds of winning are miniscule. That being said, there are a few things that you can do to improve your chances. You can learn a lot about the lottery you want to win just by looking at past drawings. And if nothing else helps some people meditate on their desire to have the winning numbers sent to them while dreaming. Like the famous New York lottery motto of the 1990’s states: “Hey, you never know?”. You can do that but again, it usually will not become true!

Lotto Winning Scam Site Reviews

These Systems usually give you access to a system that promises to present a system that is likely to win nine times out of ten. The system takes also never more than 30 minutes to learn and does not involve the use of complex software. Examples and testimonials are provided. Ask yourself now, can this be true?


Here are some facts

  • America is a country in which citizens are always looking for ways to come up in the world. Whether this be through gameshows that promise fame and fortune, or something as simple as buying lottery tickets at a local convenience store, this sentiment and hope for big winnings remains true.
  • People who are looking to do this are always trying to get an edge, in order to increase their odds of winning.
  • One way to increase these opportunities is NOT by looking into a strategy like the one offered by these Scam Sites. They offer people the opportunity to take advantage of winning strategies but most of them are scam.


Strategies That Give an Edge

People that look into lotto strategies know to look into in order to learn more. This site, like others, provides an opportunity for people to purchase an e-book and other material that goes into great detail about these strategies. While there is never a guarantee to win the lottery, people increase their odds by giving themselves a one up. It does not hurt to take advantage of these situations, and those interested in playing the lotto might want to do some research in order to figure out everything they need to know in order to hit that winning number.

Scam Sites Can NOT Help

How To Win LotteryThere are a lot of games and rules when it comes to trying to win the lotto. Some games allow people to pick a few numbers in order to win the jackpot, which increases over time. Others involve scratch offs and other opportunities that allow people to do what they can in order to find what they need to out of the situation. Regardless, winning the lottery is a dream that will never come true for most of the people.

A lot of research has gone into strategies, and some people might want to look into them in order to figure out how they work but be warned, usually they don`t make you win the jackpot.

Anybody that wants to do this should research the lotto games available to them in their state. These games will give people the opportunity to learn what they need to.

How to win the lotto Summary

Winning the lottery is the question each of us asks ourselves. Everyone would like to know how to win the lottery. What would you do with the money you won? Pay the bills, go on an extended vacation or just take it easy at home or buy that new home your always wanted. There would be so many choices – if only you knew how to win the lottery.

Some people have a system on how to win the lottery. They believe playing the same numbers every time is their answer on how to win the lottery. Other people believe they should play different numbers each time and that is their answer on how to win the lottery. Figure the system that works best for you and stay with it for awhile. Maybe you will want to vary your system weekly between two different systems. Some people believe this will improve their chance on how to win the lottery.

Whatever system or systems you decide to use on how to win the lottery, stick with them for a determined length of time and don’t vary. This may be your answer on how to win the lottery.

Another thought on how to win the lottery. Play a determined amount on certain days of the week. This way you will develop a system on how to win the lottery. You may also consider purchasing your lottery tickets at different How To Win Moneylocations. Some people like the change and believe this is their answer. By purchasing your lottery tickets at different locations at different days of the week, they believe this could answer the age old question on how to win the lottery.

Once you determined how to win the lottery by your method or system, you should continue until you believe you have developed your best method. This is your system and should be kept to yourself until you are comfortable with it and it is working for you. It may not work for someone else and therefore, may not help them in their quest on answering that age old question how to win the lottery.

How to win the lottery is a question every one of us frequently asks ourselves. Sometimes we ask ourselves this daily, weekly or every time the jackpot increases to those high amounts. How to win the lottery is a question we only can answer for ourselves, just ourselves. And to say it again, chances are VERY HIGH THAT YOU WILL NEVER EVER WIN!!!

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